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Homeland Safety Inc



Welcome to PROTECT OUR HERITAGE PAC a company focused on Safety.

Since 2004 Homeland Safety has helped its clients keep their projects safe, which has saved them money, reduced project downtime, and resulted in fewer on-site accidents. Our construction site safety management program and training meets and exceeds all federal, state, and city mandates. As a NYC DOB authorized school we offer most required construction safety training classes. We can also provide DOB required safety plans, risk management assessments, Fire Safety Plans and training, and Emergency Action Plans and training. All the information you need for a smarter, safer work site can be found right here.

Be Safe. Be Confident. Be Prepared.

Home Security Devices sells for a reason. That is to keep comfort zones free from unwelcomed interruptions and life disrupting invasions. The alarming rate of home security breaches have  warranted the popularization and promotional packaging of home security devices that can be installed for a more settled and well protected abode.I just found a great list of surveillance system here www.safetytechspy.com.

Home security devices vary from simple to complex and from cheap to reasonably expensive. Protecting the household should be second nature to families and homeowners. Most of the people we value in life reside in the same dwelling that we are in and the need for security protocols and alert system is necessary to ensure everyone’s safety. There is a wide variety of home security devices to choose from that efficiently fits everybody’s concern and status.

There are devices designed to alert members of the household whenever a possible breach in the perimeters of the home is committed, like deadbolt doors, door alarms and door guard. With everything charged electronically these days, door alarms vary from manual set up or remote control configuration. There is also the introduction of motion sensors and trip wires that most US families and homeowners purchase to heighten security alert inside the house. Wireless security devices have been the recent addition to home security devices already in the market. Built in alarm codes for vaults installed inside the home is one of the popular improvements that most rich and business oriented individuals have purchased to protect their assets.

Home security devices have evolved from simple lighting facilities to lethal security system. In the earlier days of its introduction, ample lighting outside the home, together with a territorial dog to watch over the fences was enough security measures to protect a humble home.