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The Unilateral Surrender of Israel Continues
 â€œGood Faith” Gesture? Palestinian Arabs To Be Released From Prison, Meanwhile, Arafat is Doing His Bit to fill the suicide bomber pipeline For Years To Come
6/1/03: Thousands of Palestinians enter Israel  At the same time: Israel has recently foiled three attempts to bring booby-trapped cars into the country, as well as arresting several would-be suicide bombers. 
5/31/03: US accepts Palestinian plan - TERROR GROUPS WILL NOT BE DISARMED -- Disemboweling the Israeli position.

OUTRAGEOUS: US drafts list of SANCTIONS AGAINST ISRAEL if it doesn't implement 'road map'

European Union - 1/4 of Quartet: How Utterly UNreassuring.
Could a legitimate peace plan have failed to incorporate these issues?  The forced acceptance of Roadmap is reason for Grave Concern For Israel For The U.S. Too.
Hypocrisy; Linkage between Iraq and Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; "Even-Handedness" and Czechoslovakia, 1938
The Palestinians' "Legitimate Resistance."  Barbarians.   Unbearable Grief. How do Israeli's Maintain Their Spirit?
The meaning of 'painful concessions' The human toll that will result from the destruction of organic communities is incalculable.

Palestinian Arab Violations

of President Bush's "Road Map" Plan

"Even Chirac did not come out with a statement saying: 'We urge the US government to take all appropriate precautions to prevent the death or injury of innocent civilians and damage to civilian and humanitarian infrastructure. . .'"

A matter of honor

Roadmap: "Advocacy Of A Sham"
Trojan Horse: Palestinian Goal is Destruction of Israel in Stages
April 2003 Poll Results: 59% of Palestinians support suicide bombers! 65% support the Intifada and 60% support attacks inside the Green Line.
Iranian Nuclear and Bioweapon Threat.   Challenge for the U.S. Target: Israel.
The New Syrian Game.  The Syria Accountability Act
Hizballah: "America is the mother of terrorism"
































Is it possible that Israel is right and the whole world is wrong?


U.S. -- NOTHING Will Stop Creation of a Palestinian State -- Not Continued Terrorism Against Israel.  Nor Refusal To Recognize Israel's Right To Exist As A Jewish State.  To What End?

Right of Return for '48 Palestinian Refugees and Their Descendents? A two-state solution is inconsistent with the demand to flood Israel with refugees.  The idea is UNWORKABLE --  COMPLETELY.
Arafat will never grant Mazen any real power.  Forked Tongue?:
Mazen has no intention
of uprooting the TERRORIST INFRASTRUCTURE nor ending INCITEMENT.   Arafat and Mazen Are Playing Us.  Latest team member: "Security-Chief"/Suicide-Bomber-Advocate, Mohammed Dahlan.
*MUST READ** -- The magnitude of the threat forcing Israel to accommodate the most vile of its adversaries. (A bit more.)

A Death Warrant For Israel

Surprise, Surprise: Arafat Sets Up Security Council In Violation of 'Road Map'  5/1603 Update.
SIGN THE PETITION To Oppose The Creation Of A Second Palestinian-Arab State In Israel
"Who are the innocent victims and who are the aggressors?"

The Latest Nonsense: Washington Post Opposes Daniel Pipes Nomination To The U.S. Institute of Peace.  Update 1 Update 2 (Wow!) One Way to Lend Support

CAIR: Leading The Witch-hunt

Sign The Petition

"Until last spring I held what people call a pro-Palestinian position . . ."
The Sickening U.N.
The Chicago Tribune - Day-by-Day doing its part to fuel Anti-Semitism. Disgusting. 
Straightening out NPR 
''The love that evangelicals have for Israel does not depend on [politics or foreign policy] . . . We share the same faith and the same principles and the same commandments and the same heroes as the people of Israel.''

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Three indispensable sources of news/commentary on Israel and the U.S. War on Terror --

Daily Alert  published by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.  Scroll down to the very bottom of their home page to sign up for the Daily Alert (it’s free).

Little Green Footballs Charles Johnson runs this pro-Israel weblog.  He has very good articles on terrorism, anti-Semitism and radical Islam.   (Note: "letters to the editor" via the on-line commenting system are included as submitted by readers and can include profanity.)

ISRAPUNDIT The brain-child of Bloggers In Support of Israel, BISI. Its mission is Israel advocacy through the presentation of news and views.


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Latest News

Lose weight without feeling hungry, a pill that you inflated in the stomach.

An Israeli company is developing a Pastillas para adelgazar 2016 that expands in the stomach, it is inflated like a balloon, and make sense of satiety. The company has completed its first clinical trial with 16 patients, which observed a reduction4% by weight.

The company is developing a pill that expands in the stomach, it is inflated like a balloon, and make sense of satiety, and then be digested and eliminated.

This essay aims to test the safety of the product first, and therefore not given in combination with any nutritional plan, and was not tested against a control group.

The test results indicate that the product has no side effects. During the test, the pill is consumed more than 600 times. The company is moving to an advanced clinical trial, in which the product is administered as part of a program of overall weight loss.

Nir Betser CEO of the company said: “Our product is a pill that expands like a balloon in the stomach, and digested later. It is made of materials that are familiar to the digestive tract, and applies pressure to the walls of the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety. ”

The company, which was founded in 2005 and has 15 employees, in 2008 nominated her as one of the most promising “products”.

A balloon is implanted permanently in the stomach longer exists. Such a product has not been approved for marketing in the US, and has many limitations. It is implanted in a semi-surgical procedure sometimes causes nausea to the point that medication is needed for nausea, and may explode, and reach the intestine so that puts the patient at risk of intestinal obstruction. In addition, their presence stomach gets used, reducing the feeling of satiety. ”

The pill, which is digested in a few hours, has been created to solve the problems of the globe, without reducing its effectiveness. The company went through many processes before succeeding in creating a balloon that is actually digested within a few hours of ingestion, and that does not leave behind harmful materials, besides not having own calories.

The product can be approved in the EU later this year, but will not be released commercially yet. The intention is to sell the product, prescription, individuals with a body mass index (BMI) between 25 and 35 who are trying to lose weight.

Israel and anti snuff law

Are you a glass water pipe smoker and you are preparing your trip to Israel? In that case, you should know that the government of this country has extended its law against smoking adding to the list of places where you can not smoke open public spaces such as railway stations or bus stops for example.

The amendment, which has made flag’s own Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , who also holds the portfolio of Health in office, has been approved and now it is going to do effective at bus stops, stations, halls open holidays , swimming pools and entertainment of all kinds.

Since 1983, when the famous and controversial was approved “Israel Clean Air Act”, successive governments have introduced new laws to combat smoking. In recent years it has banned smoking in all enclosed public spaces, institutions and workplaces.

The new law is so restrictive that even prohibits owners of these places put ashtrays on any of the affected sites. Inaddition, owners must display signs of “no smoking” and, like police, to ensure that their customers do not smoke.Otherwise, they face tough sanctions sheqels 5,000 (about 1,000 €).

While in Tel Aviv these measures have been implemented with some tolerance, other municipalities such as Beer Sheva are famous for their relentless persecution against smokers. So before you light up a cigarette, looks good where you are.

Work in Israel’s SEO Industry?

Many immigrants to Israel who are not fluent in Hebrew — especially those who are native English speakers — end up working in some type of sales or marketing position that focuses on selling to customers or clients in their native countries.

Six years ago, I was one of those immigrants. Partly as a result of my prior career as a Boston journalist and newspaper editor, I found myself working in Tel Aviv in some nebulous field called “seo expert brisbane” a few months after leaving ulpan in Jerusalem.

Today, after working for various Israeli companies and doing some private consulting, I now work in the digital marketing space for The Cline Group, a global strategic-marketing agency with many clients who are startup companies here in Tel Aviv. Over the years, I have seen how the digital-marketing world has changed and wanted to offer some advice — both to any olim who want to enter the exciting online-marketing world and to those Israeli businesses that want to understand the strategic underpinnings of Internet marketing today.

Here are some things that both marketers and startups need to understand about modern online marketing:

  1. Digital marketing is more than just search-engine optimization (SEO). Internet marketing is using a new set of communications channels to achieve one’s overall business and marketing goals. It is essentially doing the same thing online that has been done offline for decades.
  2. Online marketing needs to occur in the context of an overall strategy. What are a company’s marketing and communications goals? If it includes user acquisition, then SEO, online advertising, and conversion optimization may come into play. If it includes public relations, then social media and reputation management may be needed. Almost any marketing strategy will need to include content creation as well.
  3. “SEO” is not really about using keywords and links to rank first in Google directly. My first job in “SEO” in Israel was pumping out short blog posts that were stuffed with keywords. My second job consisted in part of submitting links to countless online directories. Thankfully, Google’s Panda and Penguin updates (respectively) have killed the practices of creating bad content and building bad links.
  4. “SEO” is actually a collection of marketing best practices. As I wrote at Moz, it is doing web development well, content creation well, conversion optimization well, social media well, and PR well – all together. In fact, getting an increase in search-engine rankings today it not something that one does directly – it is just the by-product of doing web development and marketing well because Google has become extremely smart. I frequently tell clients that a company will rank highly in Google when it deserves to do so – in other words, when it builds a strong, trusted brand. Think about what made websites popular in the 1990s – before everyone became obsessed with keywords and links.
  5. “Social media” is just a set of PR and communications channels. Social-media networks transmit marketing content and communicate with the public just as the television, radio, and newspapers did before the Internet. Twitter can be used for media relations, Facebook can be good for customer service, and LinkedIn is important for B2B lead generation. It is crucial to create a social-media strategy that includes one’s desired goals.
  6. Public relations still is – and always will be – important. As I described in a talk at SMX West in Silicon Valley earlier this year, the best way to “build links” for SEO purposes is to earn them naturally through PR and publicity. Traditional communications and marketing theory – see the graphic at the bottom of this post – is crucial to remember because PR needs to inform all stages of the online and offline marketing process. After all, Google has also killed the practice of stuffing links into online press releases.

In other words, “SEO,” at least as too many people think of term, no longer exists. If the CEO of an Israeli startup asks you how long it will take to rank first in Google, he does not get it. If the marketing manager of a website (especially in an ultra-competitive niche such as porn, forex, gambling, or pills) asks you to spin content or build random links with the exact-same anchor text, run away before the black-hat SEO practices burn the website to the digital ground.

(In fact, if you want to break into online marketing, find an entry-level position at an Israeli company or startup that sells an actual product or service to a specific audience — or at an agency that specializes in helping those types of businesses. Think about mobile apps, B2B SaaS products, B2C startup technologies, and more. Forget about porn, forex, gambling, and pills – and especially, God-forbid, binary options – because too many companies in these sectors try to manipulate Google, and the search engine will eventually beat them down in the end. Moreover, they exist primarily to separate people from their money.)

The secret to success in any industry is not to view “SEO” as a “bag of tricks” to get to first in Google but to understand that it is the long-term process of building the brands of companies and websites over time. Unfortunately, this is one of the major problems that I have seen specifically in the Israeli startup scene.

Startups often have shoestring budgets, and marketing is usually one of the last departments to get funded. It’s why a CEO will often think that he needs to hire only one “SEO” person to get him a lot of website traffic, leads, and customers almost magically. Nope.

Quality marketing is even more important today than in the past because the Internet and cloud computing have virtually eliminated the barriers to entry. Anyone can create a website or mobile app for comparatively little money – meaning that the competition in almost every sector has skyrocketed. In such an environment, great marketing and PR are the keys to success over the long term.

Whether you want to work in digital marketing or help your startup’s digital marketing, this principle is the first thing to understand. Stop thinking about SEO and start thinking about the process of good marketing (this essay has more information):

Image: The Cline Group (used with permission)

To learn more about true digital marketing today, I recommend taking Hubspot’s free inbound-marketing certification course and then reading Moz’s guides to SEO, social media, and linkbuilding here. Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to connect with me on social media or elsewhere as listed in my Times of Israel profile at the top of this post. If you are a new immigrant – welcome, and good luck!

Israel and Palestine through film

Thanks to the collaboration of xmovies8 we release 10 documentaries that open a door to a frozen conflict. How to live day to day Palestinians and Israelis and how they struggle to achieve peace?

Two sided story (2012)

Palestinians and Israelis on the beach in Tel Aviv. Uriel Sinai / Getty Images

Palestinians and Israelis on the beach in Tel Aviv. Uriel Sinai / Getty Images

The Parents Circle Forum, an association of Israeli and Palestinian families affected by the conflict, shown in this tape -directed by Tor Ben- Meyor- meetings and, as they say, if those who have lost the most important thing in life can meet and try to understand why they will not make political leaders. The confrontation of the two narratives is at the service work for reconciliation in societies that live back to the other’s existence. Through empathy they try toreach an understanding of the point of view of its counterpart. A process intended to end the cycle of violence, revenge eliminating through the dignity, courage and commitment to the peace of these families.


The House of Tomorrow (2011)

Under the TEDx talks, the idea of two women -Hanan Kattan and Shamim Sarif-, one Israeli and one Palestinian descent, to make an event called TEDx: HolyLand. The empowerment of women and the role of minorities are central themes bringing the reality of people, women in particular, who are Bedouins in Israel, Christian , Muslim, Israeli but Arab and entrepreneurs in Palestine. The house of tomorrowthey want building lies on the ability, sometimes relegated to the background, that women have to make a change in their societies, through leadership and new perspectives. In 2000 the United Nations adopted resolution 1325 of the Security Council on women, peace and security to enhance a more active role of women and the inclusion of gender perspectives in conflict prevention, management and conflict resolution given the bit rate of female participation in these fields.


The law In These parts (2011)


Israeli soldiers arrested a Palestinian woman during a demonstration against the occupation. HAZEM BADER / AFP / GettyImages

After the 1967 war Israel imposed a temporary military and judicial system in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 40 years later, the Israeli presence is classified as an occupation and temporary has become permanent. With an audiovisual narrative that mixes images of file with current interviews of judges and legal advisers who helped build and postpone this system, the tapereminds The Gatekeepers (2012) not only for aesthetics but also the role played respondents in the history of the Middle East.Moral dilemmas, democratic values into question, some respondents say it is unnatural a system that has been designed to be perishable and has made them the judges who in turn are military and therefore citizens who judge suspects they consider further its enemies in a conflict without apparent end. Directed by Ra’anan Alexandrowicz.


Would you Have sex with an Arab? (2011)

Deliberately provocative title and can be banal, the fact is that this film -directed by Yolande Zauberman- speaks of an invisible but real barrier: interpersonal relationships between different cultures and religions. Through a direct question respondents they occur in all kinds of reactions. From the absolute rejection of self – criticism for their own answers. Natural acceptance of others to reflect on the impact it could have on the family a mixed couple. In one country, Israel, which exists only religious marriage but legally recognized civil marriages performed abroad, many of its citizens – about 20,000 each year -choose to marry in other countries like in nearby Cyprus, Russia or the United States. The wall, therefore, stands, being present also in the more intimate space of its citizens.


Israel vs Israel (2010)


Israeli soldier checks the bag of a Palestinian in the ‘checkpoint’ Qalandia between Ramallah and Jerusalem. MOMANI ABBAS / AFP / Getty Images

Directed by Terje Carlsson . What they have in common a former military man , a rabbi, a civil and an anarchist? All Israelis are in addition to having a common cause: fighting for human rights. From a broad spectrum of values and approaches, they reject the policy of his Government regarding the settlements, the wall and checkpoints . Breaking the Silence, Rabbis for Human Rights, Machsom Watch and Anarchists Against the Wall are associations whose work puts the spotlight on access from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to Israel.Access as the checkpoint of Qalandia located between Ramallah and Jerusalem and considered the busiest with about 20,000 people per day. All these checkpoints continue to rise -in 2011 were counted up 522-, result in the violation of the freedom of movement of the inhabitants of the Occupied Territories, as well as direct differences between the mobility of the Palestinians, which may to suffer hours of retentions and controls, and the settlers, who enjoy a much laxer standards.


Budrus (2009)

This documentary set in the West Bank village of Budrus was directed by Julia Bacha and counts as major players with 1,500 inhabitants mostly farmers. Motives for starring in a documentary? In principle, none. In 2003 the Israeli army comes to Budrus to safeguard the construction of the separation wall in the area. It seems that we continue with the tense calm of the Occupied Territories. Anodyne film becomes argument when the people, led by Ayed Morrar, neighbor and member of Fatah, decided to join forces and make their peaceful resistance. 10 months protesting to achieve their goal: to alter the route of the wall joining political factions, to neighbors and international activists. Budrus not only brings us this story of struggle through peaceful protest, it speaks of the separation wall as an active component of the conflict, a barrier considered by the International Court of Justice as a violation of international law, but which already it has built 62% of its projected 700 kilometers. In addition, captured through his camera the meaning of the olive tree, strong and robust, for Palestinians it symbolizes the attachment to the land for which the two peoples struggle.


Encounter Point (2006)

Religious Israeli Jews embrace a Muslim Palestinian during the funeral of a settler activist for peace. DAVID BUIMOVITCH / AFP / Getty Images

Religious Israeli Jews embrace a Muslim Palestinian during the funeral of a settler activist for peace. DAVID BUIMOVITCH / AFP / Getty Images

Whoever wants to know the attitude of public opinion to achieve peace between Palestinians and Israelis, Encounter Point is his film. The documentary , directed by Ronit Avni and produced -like Budrus – by the peace organization Just Vision, brings us the work it does to achieve peace through dialogue. After more than two years of work, Encounter Pointshows the barriers facing people whose daily life unfolds against the backdrop of the conflict.Decide that to reach an agreement, they must work side by side and at least start talking. It sounds familiar? In this 2013 they have not only met the 20 years of the Oslo Accords but negotiators have been reunited after three years of jam in the peace negotiations. The right of Palestinians to return, Jewish settlements, the question of the two States or the existence of one single issues are still on the table. While diplomats and politicians try to reach an agreement, citizens and activists working on every day to provide a solution.


Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land (2004)

Contextualization, the framework and objective information absent in the news coverage of the conflict between Israel and Palestine in the media of the United States. Or at least that’s what complaint this documentary – led by Sut Jhally and Bathsheba Ratzkoff-. Conducting a study of the use of language and lack of analysis compared to other international media, this was released from putlocker and the film conveys the idea of the existence of a public opinion manipulated with biased information of an area of great geopolitical interest. The data show that 64% of adults in the US, in relationship and in the context of the Middle East conflict, support the option of Israelis; while those who sympathize with the Palestinians is 12%, similar to those who do not opt for either percentage: 11% of respondents.


Shalom Abu Bassem (2004)

Haladiya Street, Jerusalem. Two neighbors, Danny Robbins and Abu Bassem, New York Jew and Arab East Jerusalem. The two want to live in the Holy City, both consider it their home. But to achieve their desires, they have to coexist, respect and coexist. Twenty years of history and stories from the Arab neighborhood in East Jerusalem, two decades of the daily lives of people who have to do their part to achieve coexistence. But the effects of conflict are to be seen in everyday life, in which more than a community of neighbors has the weight on the shoulders of the story. Small steps towards reconciliation and the appearances of everyday end up resenting and thus, the dreams of peace of the inhabitants of the street Haladiya totter. Directed by Nissim Mossek .


Arna’s Children (2003)

Mural by children in Jenin. SAIF DAHLAH / AFP / Getty Images

Mural by children in Jenin. SAIF DAHLAH / AFP / Getty Images

The story tells us Arna’s Children – ofJuliano Mer Khamis is the story of the children of Jenin Arna Mer Khamis and that launched the Care & Learning project after the First Intifada (1987). His goal was that the protagonists could find new ways to express themselves against the occupation and facilitate a path of resistance outside the violent struggle.After winning the Alternative Nobel Prize awarded by the Swedish Parliament, Arna up in 1993 drama, The Stone Theatre, to carry out his idea of resistance through culture. The documentary shows how the project was successful, but the building was destroyed by the Israeli invasion in 2002. Finally, many of the children of Jenin ended radicalized their positions, enlisting in the armed struggle and some dying in terrorist acts. Today, the legacy of this work continues in Jenin, where the theater was reopened in 2006 after the success of the documentary directed by the son of Arna. It was renamed The Freedom Theatre.



On March 23, 2003 the PAC was Proud to present: PROFESSOR LOUIS RENÉ BERES:

Israel and a Palestinian State - Prospects and Risks


Wow! Pipes evening unbelievable! Thank you to the over 900 people who attended Dr. Daniel Pipes’ speech on October 20.  Click here for more on this important PAC event on militant Islam, the war on terror and the Palestinian-Israeli War.




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