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U.S. intelligence and other intelligence services have discovered that
Libya is paying large sums of money to Iran for expert aid to help develop the Shihab-3 mid-range missile, which could reach Israel.

Hezbollah Reportedly Acquires SA-18 SAMs:  "Due to the mobility and size of Hezbollah's rocket arsenal - up to 10,000, according to some estimates - the deployment of SA-18s would be a major strategic development, as it would substantially impair the ability of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) to conduct low-altitude bombing and reconnaissance missions in south Lebanon and the Syrian-controlled Beqaa Valley.  The greatest concern in Israel, however, is that Hezbollah will use the missiles to target civilian airliners."

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay says, "Israel is not the problem. Israel is the solution. It is the model for what the rest of the nations in the Middle East should be. The focus of the free world should not be directed toward pressuring the freest, most prosperous, most advanced society in the Middle East . . . [W]hen the Europeans call on the Israelis to make concessions, what exactly do they want Israel to concede: Her freedom; her security, her existence?  This is no “Road Map” for peace. It is a “Road Map” for destruction."

Two analyses on the subject of a new Palestinian State: First: Paul Greenberg , "It isn't the prospect of a nice little state living in peace with its neighbor that brings all the Arab factions out in the street, firing their rifles, dancing and shouting and tossing candy. If they'd just wanted a state of their own, they could have had it years ago, decades ago. They could have accepted a Palestinian state at Camp David in 2000, or at Oslo the previous decade, or after the Six Day war in 1967, or at Lake Success in 1947, or when Britain's Peel Commission suggested it in 1937 . . . It is not the creation of a state that rouses the greatest enthusiasm in Gaza or Nablus, but the destruction of one, namely Israel. What would Palestine be, the 23rd Arab state? How enthusiastic can even its subjects be about bringing still another sordid little Arab dictatorship into the world?"

 Second: Eric L. Rozenman, former executive editor of B'nai B'rith's International Jewish Monthly starts off with this little dose of reality, "A November public opinion poll showed that while 76 percent of West Bank and Gaza Strip residents supported a mutual cessation of hostilities between Arabs and Israelis, only eight percent supported a Palestinian school curriculum teaching that Israel was legitimate and that peace could be reached without Arab control of all the former British Mandate for Palestine (Israel, Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza Strip)."

"The 'martyrdom' death of 12-year-old Palestinian Mohammed al-Dura at the hands of Israeli soldiers - which received widespread international news coverage and spurred on the current Intifada, inspiring countless "suicide bombers" to attack Israel - was actually a "staged" piece of street theater . . ."

"There Will Never be a Palestinian Democracy"

Maps Don't Lie: How much land can Israel give up for “peace”?  

More maps which put the disputed territories in perspective

If the Arab states had accepted the U.N. partition plan, an independent Arab-Palestinian state would now have celebrated its 54th anniversary. Why didn't it happen? Two excellent presentations show Israel’s History in a Nutshell. Click here for part 1.  Click here to see part 2.

"It has never been about the 1967 territories"

DISPUTED TERRITORIES: Forgotten Facts About the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Palestinian Goal:  A State Alongside Israel?  A State In Place of Israel?

"Land for words" and the 10 fatal flaws of Oslo

Ruth R. Wisse is the 2003 recipient of the Guardian of Zion Award.  Her June 9 Acceptance Speech has this urgent warning:  Israel is imperiled by failure to articulate its rights among nations.    For 19 centuries Jews dreamed of return while suffering crushing persecution at the hands of other nations and the destruction of European Jewry.  The dream of Israel is not the goal itself, fighting for its reality is.  Beyond the physical fight, the intellectual fight for Israel's place in this often-savage world must be joined and won.   If we refuse to engage the world as it is, our enemies will tear us to shreds. The full speech.  The brief synopsis.

“In the 1990’s America slept and Israel dreamed.”  Charles Krauthammer criticized the Oslo peace process as “perhaps the most catastrophic, self-inflicted wound by any state in modern history.”  Click here to read the rest of his June 10, 2002 acceptance speech for the Guardian of Zion Award.

Dennis Ross, Pres. Clinton's Mideast envoy, played a shameful role in the Oslo Peace Process which, he admits, was a sham after all.  His position now: "At no time during the Oslo process were those who carried out acts of terror against Israelis treated as enemies of the cause by the Palestinian leadership. The road map, like Oslo before it, makes no effort to de-legitimize terror and violence."

Twenty facts about Israel: On April 24, 2002, Bill Bennett, Jack Kemp, and Jeane Kirkpatrick issued an open memorandum about Israel and the Middle East. These 20 facts will help serve as a primer for those trying to understand the historical context of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Myths & Facts Online -- A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Mitchell G. Bard


Fifty prominent Jewish and Christian leaders, as well as former U.S. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, former Secretary of Education William Bennett, and former Republican presidential candidates Gary Bauer and Alan Keyes recently signed a full-page ZOA newspaper advertisement headlined "President Bush, creating a Palestinian Arab state means creating a new terrorist state." The ad appeared recently in the Washington Times, the Weekly Standard, and Israeli and American Jewish newspapers, and will soon appear in the New York Times and elsewhere.

"One may legitimately support or challenge Israeli settlements in the disputed territories, but they are not illegal, and they have neither the size, the population, nor the placement to seriously impact upon the future status of the disputed territories and their Palestinian population centers. "

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld supports Israel’s right to the “so called occupied territories.”  “If you have a country that's a sliver and you can see three sides of it from a high hotel building, you've got to be careful what you give away and to whom you give it…  there is no question but that the Palestinian Authority have been involved with terrorist activities.”  Click here for the Haaretz summary.  Click here for the complete transcript. 

“The first job of Israeli Hasbara [public relations] is to explode the myth that the settlements are the issue in the present war….  Israel’s fight is not between Jews and Arabs.  It is a fight between freedom and western civilization against totalitarian oppression.”  Click here to read more.

Larry Miller renames Palestinian Arabs as “Adjacent Jew-Haters.”  "Chew this around and spit it out: Five hundred million Arabs; five million Jews. Think of all the Arab countries as a football field, and Israel as a pack of matches sitting in the middle of it. And now these same folks swear that if Israel gives them half of that pack of matches, everyone will be pals. Really? Wow, what neat news. Hey, but what about the string of wars to obliterate the tiny country and the constant din of rabid blood oaths to drive every Jew into the sea? Oh, that? We were just kidding."

The Specter of Anti-Semitism

Larry Miller makes a resolution against moral relativism.  "Listen carefully:  we’re good, they’re evil, nothing is relative. Saying we're good doesn't mean we're perfect."

“Sympathy for suicide bombers is a sign of Western moral failure…. This [Palestinian] ideology of death is not then the product of hope denied, but hope fed.  Fed not just by money and arms from neighbors, but fed, above all, by the folly of the West.  The hope that terror will bring concessions, the hope that the West is weakening, the hope that fanaticism will prevail, is daily reinforced.”

Charles Johnson of LGF links to New York Daily News special investigation: "Even with extra scrutiny after 9/11, Islamic schools in the United States continue to indoctrinate Muslim children in the ideology of hatred and jihad."

Steven Emerson writes in New York Post regarding the February 20, 2003 indictment of the Islamic Jihad terrorist leadership operating out of the United States since 1984: "In the end, Al-Arian succeeded in his deception via the same exact formula that constrained the FBI - deterred by the fear of being accused of "racial profiling" - from investigating Islamic militants training in U.S. flight academies in the months before 9/11. This formula lies at the heart of Western vulnerability to terrorist groups implanted in our midst."

"[I]n all kinds of small, insidious ways — most of which are not apparent unless you have expert knowledge on the Middle East — the [New York] Times's coverage is more slanted than many readers might realize. And owing to the Times's reputation as the newspaper of record, its distortions are especially damaging.

  [P]erhaps, when future historians examine the Times's record in this period, they will conclude that their biggest mistake of all was to have spent years sanitizing the image of Yasser Arafat, in effect helping to persuade Western governments to continue propping up his regime even as both Palestinians and Israelis died and the formation of a democratic Palestinian state was continually delayed."

Totally out-of-whack media bias:  "Jewish suffering is simply a set of statistics. . "

Joseph Aaron on “Only Three” victims of Palestinian terrorism.  “What we, as American Jews, must do is all we can to ensure that we are affected by what’s going on.  Not become overwhelmed by the enormity of it all, the pain of it all, but also not to allow ourselves to turn away from it all, become numb to it all.  Each Jewish death must matter to us, each person lost must be seen as the loss of an entire world.  That truth must not be just a nice phrase from the Talmud, but must be a reality for us.  We must really mean it and really feel it.”  AND THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Yossi Klein Halevi: Terrorism won’t break Israel’s will. “This isn't a war of Palestinian desperation but part of a long pattern of Palestinian self-destructiveness.”

Simon Wiesenthal Center calls on the Pope and other religious leaders to condemn Palestinian terrorism

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: "Weary Warrior."  Also . . . see this (and this update) regarding Sabra and Chatilla.  One more (long one): "Sharon, Srebrenica, and Belgian Morals:  The continual measuring of Israel against the imaginary standards of others is both perverse and socially dangerous."  Sign the petition to King Albert II and Belgian Government.  Well at least PM Sharon is in good company: "Iraqis target Gen. Franks for war crimes trial."  Summing the whole thing up: the Belgian Law is STUPID.

President Bush says “A Palestinian state will never be created by terror.”  Click here for our analysis.

The Zionist Organization of America is monitoring Palestinian compliance with President Bush’s requirements Their March 3, 2003 status report.

U.S. ambassador rejects one-sided United Nations resolutions.

Rand briefs Pentagon that Saudi Arabia is our enemy.  Click here for the Powerpoint slides from the briefing.

U.S. officials confirm that Hezbollah has teamed up with Al Qaeda.  Click here for the full June 30 Washington Post story.  National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice confirmed that this terror alliance exists and is “very concerned” about it.  Click here for her June 30 interview on CNN.

Michael Oren explains the Six Day War on C-SPAN’s Booknotes.

Jerusalem Post editorial:  Annihilate Hamas

You’ve heard the body counts, but here’s why they’re distorted: “Around 1450 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the ‘al-Aqsa Intifada’, compared to more than 525 Israelis.  Numbers like these are used to create an image of lopsided slaughter, with Israel cast as the villain.  But such numbers distort the true picture:  They lump combatants in with noncombatants, suicide bombers with innocent civilians, and report Palestinian ‘collaborators’ murdered by their own compatriots as if they had been killed by Israel."

"Over 50 percent of the Palestinians killed were actively involved in fighting – and this does not include stone-throwers or ‘unknowns.’  And Palestinians are directly responsible for the deaths of at least 185 of their own number --  one out of every eight Palestinians killed.”

Another conclusion from this report is that Palestinians target Israeli civilians, while deliberately putting their own boys and young men in danger to gain international sympathy by inflating the Palestinian death toll.   Click here to read the complete report by the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism.  Click here for the Forward’s story on this report. 

Click here to find out what it means to be a survivor of a suicide attack.

Click here for CNN's profiles of some of the victims.  Alan Perlman points out that CNN only covers the first six months of 2002.  He feels that this is not an oversight, but is consistent with CNN’s practice of minimizing any favorable coverage of Israel.  He ascribes the CNN special “Victims of Terror” feature to a concern that Israel would revoke the credentials of CNN’s journalists.  Click here to read the complete article in Israel Insider.

The CNN profiles may have been copied from the Israel Emergency Solidarity Fund, which is a much more complete memorial to 584 men, women and children murdered by terrorists.

Yossi Klein Halevi is living:  “between the despair of realizing that a majority of Palestinians actively intends to destroy Israel, and the slim hope that the Palestinian minority that favors reconciliation will someday be transformed into the majority and assume control of the leadership.”  Click here for his thoughts on Palestinian opinion.

Palestinians average 21 terrorist attacks against Israel each day! There were over 13,494 separate Palestinian attacks from September 2000 through May 2002.  Click here for a summary of the Israel Defense Force [IDF] statistics.  Click here for the IDF’s charts.  See this update though March 6, 2003.  


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