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Our Mission 

In America, politics is not the monopoly of the elected, it is the partnership with the involved electorate responding to and helping with the decisionmaking process. Politics is not merely sending officials to Washington, but expecting them to return home and render account for the privilege of representing us, their fellow citizens.

We believe that a strong and vibrant relationship between our country and Israel is clearly in the best interests of the United States and the American people.

Therefore, we, To Protect Our Heritage, both as Americans and as Jews bring candidates to the community at large. We examine records of elected officials on the issues which define and strengthen the American-Israel Alliance. We raise funds to help worthy candidates mount campaigns. We organize study groups to inform the Jewish community on issues that impact the American-Israel relationship. We send speakers to activate political thinking and action in the electorate.


About Us 
  We are a group of politically involved men and women from every walk of Jewish life. Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Secular. Most of us live in Chicago and its suburbs. But our support reaches out to elected officials who support the Israel-American Alliance in most states.

To Protect Our Heritage is a Political Action Committee registered with the Federal Election Commission. We began in 1982 as we joined in the struggle to defeat the U.S. sale of AWACS to Saudi Arabia. Our work has helped elect to Congress a growing number of supporters of the Israel-American Alliance over these twenty years.


Our Leadership 

Rabbi Victor H. Weissberg D.H.L. D.D.
Founder and Chairman
Rabbi Emeritus Temple Beth-El

Dr. Jona Cohn Ph.D E.E.
Founder and Co-Chairman
Vice President Motorola

If you have any questions or suggestions, please, e-mail us
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