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Choosing the best espresso coffee manual

You need a manual espresso coffee?

Each person has their own tastes and priorities when drinking coffee. Luckily, today you have several options to make a good cup of coffee.

If you do not like coffee that is prepared with Italian coffee or a drip ; or if you do not want to tie you to the coffee capsules , the coffee espresso manual are one of the best options to enjoy good coffee espressos or cappuccinos .

Faced with the coffee espresso automatic , the manual have the great advantage that theprice is much lower and you can enjoy a good coffee though, as the name suggests, you have to do it manually.

Saeco HD8423 / 11 - Manual espresso coffee machine, 950 W, black color

Saeco HD8423 / 11 – Manual espresso coffee machine, 950 W, black color

A coffee Manual espresso is very easy to handle . Virtually no model with complications in their use and many of the models make a coffee that has nothing to envy to that taken in thebest cafes.

If you enjoy a good coffee without complicate life, a manual espresso coffee can fulfill all your aspirations.

You’ll only need a little practice to get your coffee manual espresso coffees make your own.

What features should have a good manual espresso coffee?

Of course you want the manual espresso coffee not only makes good espresso. Would not you like to enjoy good cappuccinos? .

However, besides that, there are many other features that will make you enjoy your coffee and stay happy with your purchase.

Not only the brand and price are enough to choose the best espresso coffee manual.

These are the main issues that need to analyze before buying your manual espresso coffee:

The brand

Along with the classic brands such as Krups or DeLonghi covering virtually all market segments in terms of making coffee, we find specialists like Mini Moka (Taurus group) share market with other major brands that we can not forget, as Gaggia, Philips Saeco, Beem, Oster, Jata, Orbegozo …

 Gaggia was acquired in 1999 by Saeco International Group , which in turn is a subsidiary of Philips. Gaggia still has its own line of design, but also uses Saeco designs in some of its domestic EspressoCampus machines.

My advice is that rather than focus on one brand , you do it in a model concrete that offers thefeatures you need. There is very good coffee machines prestigious brands, but there are also mediocre.

Note that are continuously emerging new models to the market and not always expectations on them had been fulfilled.


So what would you ask your manual espresso coffee?

The most important features are:

What temperature is the coffee?

For some people, one of the drawbacks is that coffee does not leave enough hot . Although this varies in personal tastes and perceptions, if you are a person who likes hot coffee, you should look for a coffee maker to make coffee at the temperature you want.

Note that if the cup is very cold, the coffee will cool too quickly. That’s why the coffee good idea to have a cup warmer to not have to walk heating the cup in the microwave or anything like that .

Espresso cup warming

The model EC 680.M De’Longhi, thanks to the technology of the thermal unit allows the machine to warm at the ideal temperature in 40 seconds.

Does the coffee allows regulates the temperature of coffee?

Some models allow you can regulate the temperature of the coffee.

This feature will allow you to customize coffee to your liking.

Not the same having a coffee on a cold morning winter than in summer.

If you drink coffee at home more than one person, it is very possible that tastes as to thetemperature of the coffee are different (you like very hot but your partner does not, for example).



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