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Israel and anti snuff law

Are you a glass water pipe smoker and you are preparing your trip to Israel? In that case, you should know that the government of this country has extended its law against smoking adding to the list of places where you can not smoke open public spaces such as railway stations or bus stops for example.

The amendment, which has made flag’s own Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , who also holds the portfolio of Health in office, has been approved and now it is going to do effective at bus stops, stations, halls open holidays , swimming pools and entertainment of all kinds.

Since 1983, when the famous and controversial was approved “Israel Clean Air Act”, successive governments have introduced new laws to combat smoking. In recent years it has banned smoking in all enclosed public spaces, institutions and workplaces.

The new law is so restrictive that even prohibits owners of these places put ashtrays on any of the affected sites. Inaddition, owners must display signs of “no smoking” and, like police, to ensure that their customers do not smoke.Otherwise, they face tough sanctions sheqels 5,000 (about 1,000 €).

While in Tel Aviv these measures have been implemented with some tolerance, other municipalities such as Beer Sheva are famous for their relentless persecution against smokers. So before you light up a cigarette, looks good where you are.



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