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Jewelry Czech taught in English Palestine

The Representative Office of the Czech Republic in the Palestinian city of Ramallah by the School of Applied Arts in Turnov jewelry courses began in the small town of Tubas, located in the northwest region of the West Bank.

Learning English is the ultimate goal of many people. However, how to learn English quickly and easily it can be somewhat difficult if we do not organize well. If you’re already Decide @ learn English and nobody can stop you when you make a decision I invite you to keep reading. Learning a language is never easy, but the important things never are and your effort will be more than rewarded when you can enter in your resume @ proud that you have a high level of English. In this article you will find several tips to learn English they can get you to be very helpful.

Jiří Kmošek teacher teaches for a group of eight students, which have no shortage of desire to learn, as stated by the jeweler for Czech Radio.

“We started at 9:30 am and we need to establish what time classes are finished. Otherwise, the students would stay here until evening. We can see creative works conducted without any intervention on our part, it is a very fast forward “.

The initial uncertainties about the acceptance of Czech teachers by a female group vanished upon arriving in Palestine. The language does not hinder says Jaroslav Prášil jeweler.

As with everything in life it is very important to have a clear plan, where you set the time to be devoted to the study, the desired level after a period of time or date where you would like to examine your official qualifications such as Cambridge. como aprender ingles facil e rapido it is not something that will be achieved without effort and perseverance, so if you think memorizing 10 words a week within 1 year and you’ll be an expert Anglo recommend you forget now. Awareness is the most important factor.

“We speak English and have at our disposal a translator of Arabic. However, when practicing a craft do not need to talk, but only to point out , “ said the teacher.

Learn a new trade represents for Palestinian students hope for a better future in a region that counted in 2015 with an unemployment rate of 27%. Many jewelers have future college education, but does not serve to make a living, says the Sundus student.

“I studied Business Management, but can not find work in this field. There are many graduates in this specialty.Moreover, from the practical point of view I did not learn anything useful. So I started to learn this trade. “

The teacher says Jaroslav Prášil courses abroad represent a rich source of knowledge and inspiration also for themselves.

“We make too much emphasis on the technological aspect of the jewels, which makes, say, dead. In the countries we visited we noticed a great creative desire among students, and do not care too much lacking training. This is the beauty that attracts us to these places. “

Teachers of the School of Applied Arts Turnov have their backs classes for students of the Egyptian cities of Cairo and Nubia. The education project is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic in the framework of development aid to Palestine in collaboration with the organization Tubas Charitable Society.



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