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Lose weight without feeling hungry, a pill that you inflated in the stomach.

An Israeli company is developing a Pastillas para adelgazar 2016 that expands in the stomach, it is inflated like a balloon, and make sense of satiety. The company has completed its first clinical trial with 16 patients, which observed a reduction4% by weight.

The company is developing a pill that expands in the stomach, it is inflated like a balloon, and make sense of satiety, and then be digested and eliminated.

This essay aims to test the safety of the product first, and therefore not given in combination with any nutritional plan, and was not tested against a control group.

The test results indicate that the product has no side effects. During the test, the pill is consumed more than 600 times. The company is moving to an advanced clinical trial, in which the product is administered as part of a program of overall weight loss.

Nir Betser CEO of the company said: “Our product is a pill that expands like a balloon in the stomach, and digested later. It is made of materials that are familiar to the digestive tract, and applies pressure to the walls of the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety. ”

The company, which was founded in 2005 and has 15 employees, in 2008 nominated her as one of the most promising “products”.

A balloon is implanted permanently in the stomach longer exists. Such a product has not been approved for marketing in the US, and has many limitations. It is implanted in a semi-surgical procedure sometimes causes nausea to the point that medication is needed for nausea, and may explode, and reach the intestine so that puts the patient at risk of intestinal obstruction. In addition, their presence stomach gets used, reducing the feeling of satiety. ”

The pill, which is digested in a few hours, has been created to solve the problems of the globe, without reducing its effectiveness. The company went through many processes before succeeding in creating a balloon that is actually digested within a few hours of ingestion, and that does not leave behind harmful materials, besides not having own calories.

The product can be approved in the EU later this year, but will not be released commercially yet. The intention is to sell the product, prescription, individuals with a body mass index (BMI) between 25 and 35 who are trying to lose weight.



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