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Palestinian and Israeli cinema: six films in occupied territory

While the news broadcast live suppuration of Gaza, one of the worst on the planet open wounds, in bars around the world, thousands of citizens suddenly look his friend and ask: what ?? And you know what ??? Palestine. Beyond the feelings, few are able to orientate in the sea of dates, summits, settlements, attacks, uprisings, statements, processes and walls, irreversibly flooded all the blood.

But as defended Miguel de Unamuno , sometimes the best way to learn history it is to get away from the official and look to the inside story that never goes out in the newspapers . So in Nokton Magazine we have chosen six Israeli and Palestinian films from movie2k, six eyes of filmmakers from both sides of the border where missiles, bombs and military checkpoints become the decoration of the stories of men and women who show that love, friendship, betrayal, fear and courage are even more difficult in occupied territory .

1. Omar , Hany Abu-Assad (Palestine, 2013)

Omar, Nadja, Tarek and Amjad are truncated transit to maturity by the surrounding atmosphere unbreathable, where a mere teenager dispute over the same girl can turn into tragedy. Still in theaters, is nominated for Academy Award for Best Picture Foreign Language tells his story, the four young Palestinians who have grown up together, united by friendship, but also by hatred of Israel, two feelings that will eventually become irreconcilable . In addition to the actors, chosen by Hany Abu-Assad among young inexperienced front of the camera, the anguishing constant presence of the walls is undisputed star of the latest work by the director of Paradise Now .

2. Waltz with Bashir Ari Folman (Israel, 2008)

1982 Lebanon War. Israel undertakes called Operation Peace for Galilee , with which aims to expel the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine North African country. On September 16 Lebanese Phalangists enter the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, where defenseless civilians are brutally massacred and tortured . An Israeli internal commission recognizes then vicarious liability of its armed forces.This the award – winning animated documentary has become a must to militarization and the memory of society the Hebrew country look . With him, the director, who served the Israeli army in this war, try to remember, between the nightmares of a friend and surreal images of those days still return to their head.

Available in Film in for 2.95 euros .

3. Divine Intervention , by Elia Suleiman (Palestine, 2002)

Two Palestinians who maintain -he romance, resident in Nazareth, Israel Northern District; she, in Ramallah, West Bank border and see how the strict surveillance hinder their love. So opt for a radical solution: decide toestablish the habit of consummating their meetings on a plot next to a post contro l. A comical and surreal story, but also angry and explosive. Elia Suleiman , director and star of the film and one of the most recognized figures in the Palestinian cinema, is often compared with Buster Keaton .

4. Free Zone by Amos Gitai (Israel, 2005)

Rebecca US (Natalie Portman), Israeli Hanna (Hanna Laszlo, awarded at the Cannes Film Festival 2005) and Leila Palestinian (Hiam Abbass) are embarked on one road trip by the Free Zone Jordan , a place between Syria , Iraq and Arabia that has little to do with the oasis they expected to find. Its director, Amos Gitai, also was nominated for the Palme d’ Or at Cannes .

Available in Filmin by 1.95 euros.

5. Paradise Now , by Hany Abu-Assad (Palestine, 2005)

Khaled and Said, two friends raised in a refugee camp in the West Bank, recruited to carry out a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. When leaving for the border with the body loaded with explosives things start to happen differently than intended, and the two young men are alone and separated at the crossroads between their feelings and ideas. An uncomfortable portrait of suicide terrorism that he earned the director a Golden Globe for best film in Foreign language .

Available in Filmin by 2’95 euros.

6. Precious life , of Schlomi Eldar (Israel, 2010)

Mohammad Abu Mustaffa has four months and a serious disorder of the immune system. His hope is to go to an Israeli hospital where he can be performed a bone marrow transplant. But he is Palestinian and lives in Gaza.This documentary, made by the Israeli journalist Schlomi Eldar, portrays the journey of the family of Mohammad and doctors on both sides of the border to save the life of a child through a powerful message: the only bridge that still unites Palestinians and Israelis are hospitals .



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